I'm Bryce!

Creative Mind and Founder of STORIA

As my brand is all about getting to know my client’s backstories, I feel it is only fitting to share a bit of mine. 

Originally from the East End of Long Island, I called the Carolinas home during my undergraduate and graduate work. I feel equally at home at the beach or in the mountains. After receiving a masters in occupational therapy, I moved to NYC where I started my career as an occupational therapist, fell in love with dirty pickle martinis, caught as much live music as I could and enjoyed every bowl of fresh pasta. In fall 2022, I married the love of my life after seven years and returned to the East End of Long Island. My husband and I, along with our cat Bonnie, currently call Southampton home. We purchased our ‘good bones but even better property’ first home last summer, and love sharing our process on this page. On the clock, I enjoy connecting with my clients and patients to understand their needs, goals and stories. Off the clock, you can usually find me on the reformer, walking to the beach for sunset, playing Yahtzee or cuddled up with my husband and our kittens watching love island UK. Thank you for getting to know my story, I can't wait to learn yours.


Coming from a long line of gift givers and masters of themed parties, my love for celebrating who someone is through an event and/or gift started when I was young. After years of crafting the perfect custom gifts for friends and family, I started making gifts for friends of friends, then friends of friends of friends… eventually my circle of customization grew larger. Six years ago I started Storia, merging my passion for art and celebrating others. I first began Storia in college, making coolers for beach weekends and banners for events. Throughout the years my clients have grown with me, we've worked together to celebrate their first jobs, graduations, illustrations for new apartments, gifts for loved ones, wedding signage and baby shower invitations. With each stage in this journey, I am passionate about creating memorable experiences for my clients that highlight who they are. 


Storia is a full service customization studio focused on the art of storytelling.

From the moment we first meet until your designs are delivered, the process is centered around your story. Storia is more than just a name. The word ‘Storia’ means a history story.

I love bringing intentionality to my work and producing something one of a kind that holds meaning. Whether I am working with a bride, a brand or a coaching client, I am always digging to find their back story and learning what is meaningful to them.  



my motto is...


My love story which is....all because of a spilled drink.. Although my husband and I both grew up in the same town, we did not meet until years after school at a bar. I was home from college for the summer and my husband was home visiting from working in NYC. From across the bar, I saw him spill a drink on himself. “I saw that”, I walked over and said to him. That night we ended up walking to the beach and watched our first sunrise together and the rest is history.

+ Being greeted by my cat in the window and a kiss from my husband after a long day at work.
+ The perfect rim of a spicy margarita.
+ All things warm & authentic.

Memories are in the moments.

Finding the balance between what's now and whats next.

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